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Turkey tours , private istanbul tours

We were then in istanbul with a very nice trip to Cappadocia to get to our route. We went to Cave hotel in Cappadocia Urgup region. After a beautiful night, I met my tour guide after the filter kahven, which I had not given up. With the private vehicle, the farthest destination, which is CAPPADOCIA first, is also within the boundaries of Niğde province. We had 45 minutes for this trip. There is an open air museum and of course the whole area is a protected area. First of all they made an open air grill here, grilled meatballs, grilled meat chicken private istanbul tours and fish were great. After eating from a wide variety of salads, from olive-oil graves, we went to the Ihlara valley. We were descending to 200 near the stairs to arrive at the Ihlara valley. Here is a wonderful river flowing through the middle. It seems like you're crossing the mountains. He was very majestic on both sides of the mountain. There is a wooden bridge over the river which is at least 20-30 years old. From here I found the opportunity to take pictures of the magnificent Ihlara valley. There are not too many trees here.
The Ihlara valley has a large number of caves as it is in the entire cappadocia region. Peribacals are not here. Peribacals are mostly located in the open air museum of CAPPadocia. The people in the cave have also provided a beautiful life for the conditions of that period. Nearly only 2,000-3,000 people live here in this region. A cave church was built for every 100 people. In the cave church, there are mosaics of Jesus prophet and Mary, and many religious motifs and crosses. From here to the end of the day we had a cave hotel Turkey tours in the Urgup region. Here we had a nice day and then we made preparations for the 2nd day in the morning. Yanlýz is a 7 km walk to express. If you are coming in summer, you must
Sunglasses and a hat do not forget to take your blessing. We went to the departing valley on our journey to the Daily cappadocia tour. We went to Pigeon VAlley and there are also a lot of fairy chimneys here. We watched a lot of bird flights, including Pigeon.
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